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We are here to help millions of people globally access mental health care that is proactive, personalised & outcome-driven. Come and help us create the future.


Why we exist

The world is in the midst of silent crisis of epic proportion. Despite increased awareness and investment over the last decade, the mental health of the human species is going backwards. It is estimated that 1 in 4 people experience a clinical grade mental health episode every year. People in every school, workplace and community are suffering, mostly in silence, sometimes until it is too late. Things will continue to get worse with the fallout of the global pandemic, and as the impact of social media drives a growing mental health epidemic in our teenager and young adult population. We are hopelessly ill prepared to face what is coming. People look after people. Human connection is at the heart of preventing and addressing mental ill health. Our frontline mental health workers are empathetic and hardworking, however they lack the tools to amplify their impact to the level required to face the onslaught. We lack tools to monitor mental health and identify those in need early. Once people reach crisis point, the recovery effort can be significant. There are 450 people in need for each trained professional so with our traditional 1:1 models there is no chance everyone will get the support they need. Things are made worse as our frontline workers are hampered by inefficient manual processes and paperwork. Worst of all, there is a widespread absence of outcome data to ensure our efforts are working, to match people in need with the right interventions, and to ensure community resources are directed to where it matters most. We are poorly equipped and we are flying blind. We are building an operating system for mental health care. At Tacklit we believe it doesn’t need to be this way. We imagine a world where the technology and data capability that helps people is as powerful as the one that sends us into anxiety-inducing social media rabbit holes. We are building a platform which will empower our mental health workers to monitor wellbeing and detect issues early. It will use evidence-based data to match right-sized interventions, both 1:1 and 1 to many, and both inside and across organisations. It will drive patient engagement and therapeutic alliance. It will measure impact so that individual therapists, programs and whole organisations can learn and get better at supporting their people. It will not replace the humans who deliver the services today; it will empower them and amplify their impact. This is personal for us Our co-founder Rich has his own lived experience. From the initial realisation that help was needed to then accessing care; it was difficult to find the right program and practitioner. Even during treatment, it was hard to get the right support along the way. Our goal is to make a difference for those who are in similar need of good support. Read more about Rich's journey.


Our mission

To create the world’s first end-to-end operating system for mental health care delivery. This allows providers to re-imagine care delivery, get greater visibility on risks and performance, and make data-driven decisions.


Who we are

A global team of problem solvers. We are inspired to create ground-breaking digital experiences for our customers. We bring our know-how from high impact tech companies to use the power of software to make mental health care better for millions.


Our values

We always put people first. We love what we do and why we do it. We think big and are bold. We know it is hard to do great things so persevere and keep pushing forward. We strive to make a difference and want to be a game-changer for mental health.


What we look for in you

You bring passion for what we are creating. You are a self-starter who ‘finds a way’ to make things happen. You are curious and always learning. You want to be part of a fast growing, global start-up. You want to leave a mark and have career defining moments.

Perks & Benefits

We care for our people and recognise they are our single biggest asset. We are proud of our people-first values, and strive to make Tacklit a fantastic place to work and develop your career.

Health & well-being

Get an additional mental health rest day each month (12 days per year). Take time to recharge, reconnect with family or friends, or do those pesky admin tasks without needing to use your annual leave.

Competitive salary

We want you to love the work you do with us but don’t kid ourselves that money isn’t important. We benchmark salaries regularly to ensure we are competitive.

Employee Stock Options

We want all employees to share in the success of Tacklit so offer all new hires the chance to join our Employee Stock Options Plan so you can own a piece of the company.

Generous Annual Leave

Get the time you need to spend resting and relaxing. Based on your primary work location you will also get all gazetted public holidays for that country.

Access to the tools you need to do your best work

A Mac or Windows user? You tell us what you need and we will set you up for success. Licence the software you need.

Professional Development

We actively encourage all team members to pursue life long learning, be proactive in building new and enhancing existing skills. We want the work you do at Tacklit, the experience it gives you and the skills you develop to grow your career and impact with us and beyond.

Parental Leave

Entitlements include maternity, paternity and adoption leave. We offer keep in touch days, catch up coffees, and will still invite you to important company events e.g. Christmas Parties while you are on Parental Leave. We support flexible returning to work. So are able to accommodate part-time working or additional flexibility to help you post parental leave.

Carers Leave

Where you are needing to take time off to care for an immediate family member or dependent you can use your Carers Leave allowance to focus on what matters - getting your loved one well again.

Flexible working

We operate a digital first, collaborative culture. You will be able to spend time working in one of our modern, well equipped offices as well as working from home or other locations of your choosing.

Work from home set up support

Need that second monitor? Or a more comfortable chair? We will support you in covering the cost of getting set up to work effectively from home.


Open Roles

We are always on the look out for great talent who can support our mission. We don’t have any specific hiring needs right now but please get in touch and tell us how you can help.

Have a question?

Check out our FAQ section below or send us a message if you can't find the answer you're looking for.

Where are your offices based?

We have 3 primary work locations. 1) St Kilda, Melbourne - this is our Australian base and location of 3 of founding team. 2) Mid Valley, Kuala Lumpur - this our Asian base and location of 1 of founding team. 3) Chester, United Kingdom - this is our UK base and location of 1 of founding team.

Do you support fully remote working?

Short answer, yes. We have a number of colleagues working remotely. Depending on your role and responsibilities there may be some roles we can’t support a fully remote colleague but as a principle we want to work with the best wherever you are in the world. Get in touch and discuss your preferred work location with us.

Are you back in the office post pandemic?

Yes all our offices are open and back to normal operation. We have regular deep cleans and follow good practices for hygiene and spacing.

If I don’t see a role for me but I’m still interested, what should I do?

Get in touch. We love to hear from prospective teammates on how they think they can help us deliver even greater impact. Our team is growing and evolving a lot so please reach out and lets have a conversation.

What can I expect from the recruitment process?

We view hiring as a two-way conversation. We want to get to know you as well as let you get to know us. Anyone joining our team will know what they are going to get, we pride ourselves on being open and transparent. Depending on the role you can typically expect a 4-step interview process: 1) Initial conversation to learn more about you and tell you about the role. This is typically 30 mins. 2) Soft skills interview. We like to understand your approach to work and explore how your style will add to our culture. 3) Hard skills interview. We will go through your experiences and knowledge to test you know your stuff. 4) Final round. With one of our founders. You will have the chance to impress and ask questions too. If you’re successful we will then proceed to offer subject to successful reference checks. This process typically takes a couple of weeks, but our record time is 2-days from start to end!